Founder of Jewish Stockholm Guided Tours is Qualified Tourist Guide Marianne Prager.

Marianne Prager has worked as a Qualified Stockholm guide since 2001.

Her languages are: Swedish, Danish, English and Hebrew.

She is an active member of the Jewish community in Stockholm and has good understanding for the needs of the visiting Jewish groups as well as good insight in the Swedish Jewish history and present life.

Marianne was born in Malmö in the south of Sweden. As a child of two Holocaust survivors (mother from Denmark, father from Germany) she shares the history of so many Swedish Jews of today. She went on Alyia to Israel after high school like many others of her age group.

In Israel she became an opera singer, educated at The Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem and the Tel-Aviv University, where she also studied acting. For 13 years she had a career in Israel as an actress/singer. She performed in various Musical Theatre and Opera productions, she had one of the major parts in the first production of the New Israeli Opera, worked with Chanoch Levine at the Cameri theatre, and the Jerusalem theatre, and did voice coaching for the actors at Habima. She is also one of the founders of the Jerusalem Madrigal Singers.

After 13 years, however, she decided to move back to her native country, Sweden.

Since 1988 she has lived in Stockholm where she has been a singer at the Royal Opera of Stockholm. She retired from the Opera in 2008.

She was a member of the staff of the old Jewish Museum from 2012 until its closure, and continues to guide at the new Jewish Museum since its opening 2019.

She is an actor of the Yiddish Theatre company in Stockholm.

She is also a Licensed Voice and Speech therapist.

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